Bringing the outdoors inside ~ Plantwall

Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_06We all know how that green does us good. We are well aware of the benefits antioxidant and oxygen content greens bring us. Be it in food form, or being surrounded by greenery outdoors. But for most city dwellers this is often not an option, or a need that cannot be easily be accommodated. So what to do? Bringing the outdoors inside, is one solution. One Swedish-based company, Green Fortune, may have the right solution. Their product – Plantwall – provides what the name suggests: a wall made of green live plants. Versatility is key, and they’ve managed to adapt Plantwall to different built environments, from Office, Hotel, Retail, Showroom, Lobby Areas… as well as exterior walls.

The length we’d go to be surrounded by green… seemingly at any cost. The Swedes are sprinting with the idea, and laughing all the way to the bank, no doubt! Enjoy!

Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_03Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_04

This vertical application of greenery provides a powerful impact on the envirnonment where it is built. It is almost like being outside inside. Plantwall can be varied both in size and shape. Depending on the size of the wall and the impact you want to create the choice of plants can be adjusted. It is possible to create a sophisticated wall that keeps its look over time, as well as a wild, heavily growing wall.

Plantwall makes it possible to have lots of greenery without losing floor space. Besides the impression of beauty, plants also provides oxygen and humidity to improve the air quality. Some plants even have air cleaning properties.

Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_08Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_09Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_05

The integrated drip irrigation system makes the watering very smooth. Unlikely of what you may think, the wall does not spread very much moist thanks to the textile materials used. This makes it possible to use plantwall in places you may think are too sensitive for a project like this.

Via the drip irrigation system, also fertilizer is distributed inside the four-layer textile of the wall. This process is programmed by us and automatically controlled. Each new plantwall project can be tailor made to suit different demands. We also offer a one year guarantee and service agreement for each plantwall. You are welcome with your requests.

Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_01Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_02Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_07Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_013Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_010Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_011Green Fortune-SWEDEN-gf_261208_012

Source: Contemporist


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