Micro-niches in hotels ~ allergy-free hotel rooms

By Dian Hasan | October 20, 2009

seaport-hotel-pure-roomWe all know that innovation underlies every business. Moving them forward in sync with a changing consumer behavior, dictating their changing habits, lifestyle, and behavior in general. Good hotels make it their business to know this. To always be on top of latest consumer trends, and how best to accommodate their needs. You’ve heard of couples-only hotels, family-friendly hotels and pet-friendly hotels… and now, hotels are getting in touch with guests medical conditions. Introducing allergy-free guest rooms that are, well sterile. Here’s how the Seaport Hotel in Boston is executing this plan.


Boston, MA. The award-winning Seaport Hotel recently introduced four PURE Allergy-Friendly Rooms, in an effort to provide travelers with allergies or asthma peace of mind while visiting Seaport. Every surface within these guest rooms has been professionally treated to minimize irritants, contaminants and odors, allowing the rooms to be certified hypoallergenic and friendly to those with respiratory illnesses.

Prior to certifying a room, an extensive, multi-step deep cleaning process takes place. Each room also features allergy-friendly bed encasings, and hypo-allergenic pillows and duvets have replaced Seaport’s traditional bedding. An electronic air purifier and ionizer, classified as a class II medical device by the FDA, have also been installed in the room, aiding guests that are sensitive to normal airborne contaminants.

Recent studies have suggested that allergies and respiratory illness are prevalent in the United States, and that PURE Allergy-Friendly Rooms can make a significant difference to those who may be afflicted. A 2005 Cornell University study of patrons regarding allergy-friendly facilities suggested that 31 percent of the surveyed respondents had themselves or knew someone with allergies or respiratory illnesses such as asthma. This translates to over 70 million individuals in the United States alone. The University of Buffalo studied the effects of a PURE Allergy-Friendly Room and discovered that airborne particles in the room were reduced from 9 million to as low as 150,000.

“Seaport prides itself on providing an exceptionally clean environment, including our guest rooms, function rooms and common areas,” said Matthew V. Moore, Director of Rooms at the Seaport Hotel. “With so many individuals experiencing respiratory illness or allergies, implementing Allergy-Friendly Rooms will only further enhance the comfort of our guests.”

These four Allergy-Friendly Rooms are part of the Seaport’s comprehensive environmental program, Seaport Saves, comprised of over 20 comprehensive initiatives including:

  • An in-room towel and linen conservation program;
  • An in-room recycling program, the first of its kind in Boston;
  • An energy conservation system including “smart thermostats” in all guestrooms, and a capacitor bank to assist with the load shedding of electricity;
  • Installation of energy-saving, compact fluorescent bulbs in all guestrooms and public spaces in both Seaport Hotel and Seaport World Trade Center;
  • A recycling program which generates 178 tons of material a year;
  • A smoke-free environment since the hotel opened in 1998.

Situated on the historic waterfront, guests will find a refreshing change in Seaport. As Boston’s most accommodating host, Seaport provides unparalleled service along with distinctive hospitality, sophistication and flexibility, which combine to create fulfilling and productive experiences for each of its guests. For more information on Seaport, please visit www.seaportboston.com

Source: Unique Travel Destinations


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4 Responses to Micro-niches in hotels ~ allergy-free hotel rooms

  1. Wow…that’s amazing…an allergy friendly rooms for visitors. I think this is the excellent service provided by Seaport hotel Boston. As mentioned above the travelers with allergies or asthma get tremendous peace of mind while visiting Seaport. And it is also shocking that it reduces airborne particles from 9 million to as low as 150,000, it is simply unbelievable


  2. air purifiers would be a necessity if you have kids that are sensitive to pollen and dust'”:

  3. there are many hotel rooms these days that are quite cheap and at bargain prices ‘

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