Fascinating Brand Stories | Corona Beer, Mexico

By Dian Hasan | February 25, 2010

Every major brand on the global stage comes with a story as illustrious as the journey it took to where it is today. Brands evolve and go through different stages.

Just like people, brands are born, learn to crawl, take baby steps, go through stages of growing pains, and mature. Along the way some brands perish, re-emerge, re-incarnate into something completely new… while others simply continue to sail through… going from strength to strength.

Corona Beer of Mexico has joined the ranks as one of the world’s most recognizable beers. Always enjoyed with a wedge of lime, becoming an inseparable form of drinking ritual for Corona. Because that’s how they do it in Mexico, and it’s an ancient Mexican tradition, right? WRONG!

The ritual was made up as a marketing gimmick. There is no such Mexican tradition! Actually there is, but only when drinking Tequila to make it more palpable.

The act of putting a lime wedge was actually invented by a Californian bartender, that made him very popular. This became the inspiration for the Brand Story of involving a lime wedge. And it was On-Code with the portrayal of enjoying an ice cold beer on a sunny Mexican beach. The rest, as they say, is brand history!


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