Logo & Corporate Identity | THINGAMAJIGS in flight, rotation, motion and flotation [41]

I thought it would be an interesting visual journey to analyze logos with objects that suggest movement, flight, floatation or speed.

Obviously those of Airlines, Aircraft and the Aviation Industry would be the first to spring to mind. Depicted by mostly birds, wings, kites and practically any other flying object (no, I won’t go into UFO territory!). But from further research I’ve discovered a whole world of similar symbols that adorn other types of brand logos that are far removed from airlines and aviation. Enjoy!

In our visual world of today, we are bombarded with visual messages every second. It is believed that we are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of messages, most of which are logos of the brands that we use every single day. Reaching a saturation point, when our brains can no longer (or choose not to) process these visuals and decipher them.

We are exposed to brand logos as we use and experience them. And the visual messages we receive each day, from billboards, TV commercials, logos on buildings, traffic signals, even little logos on park benches… all represent signs and signals (Semiotics) communicating to us. And we attach meanings to most of these visual stimuli, so long as we can connect with them on an emotional level. This is what Brand-Builders must understand to build brands that can communicate to the feelings.

Because in the end“People value more what things mean than what things are!”

The art of designing an entire company’s ideas, ethos, knowledge and future in one logo and corporate identity is an integral part of the visual branding. Of course there’s more to branding than meets the eye!

Most of today’s organizations are well-versed in this communication medium. Some are still struggling, however, to put into a logo the values and positive traits they want captured. And there are some others that are very similar looking, albeit representing completely different organizations.


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