25 Greenest Names in Corporate America

It’s become very obvious that in the past few years “Green” is indeed the new “Black”.

To be “Green” is a badge that immediately puts people in a league (well, to a degree at least) of extraordinary gentlemen and ladies. Individuals who generally have an increased awareness of the importance of taking better care of the planet, promote sustainability, adopt eco-friendly initiatives, and well… conduct their daily lives with the planet in mind.

These attributes are not only limited to a group of special individuals, such movement has also been adopted by Corporate America. Companies at the forefront of change, a shift in thinking, where increasingly they operate on the basis of “3 Ps”; 1. Profit, 2. People, and 3. Planet.

Here’s a list of Corporate America’s Top 25 Greenest, according to Brand Keys, a consulting company specializing in customer loyalty.

Forty years after the first Earth Day, greater pressure is being applied
to brands to address environmental problems along with the problems of
dirty clothes, financial services, technology, and convenient, quick-
serve meals.

Yes, more consumers hear the phrases “fuel-efficient,” “organic,”
“energy-efficient,” “natural,” “green,” and “sustainable” more these
days, consumers are on to all that. They want brands to walk-the-talk,
and “green” has become the cost-of-entry in many categories, making
larger and larger contributions to brand engagement and loyalty.

Driving “Green” Growth

A review of category loyalty drivers in our Customer Loyalty Engagement
Index shows that how consumers define “green” varies significantly from
category-to-category. And as more people become more aware of the
dangers of ignoring the environment, and as brands have actually sought
to establish standards, the definitions and expectations applied to
brands have evolved.

Any/all these questions can be applied to virtually any category: What
is it made from? How is it made? How is it packaged? How I it consumed?
How do I dispose of it? Those are the questions consumers are asking
brands to answer.

As such the value of such environmental initiatives, extend beyond the
aspects of social responsibility, and even further beyond simple
advertising tag lines, and present a competitive opportunity for both
top and bottom line growth, brand differentiation and – given consumer
expectations – increased profitability.

As noted, the categories vary in their “green” aspects and expectations,
but here (alphabetically) are the Top-25 Green Brands from this year’s
Brand Keys Loyalty Engagement Index:

1. American Express
2. Apple
3. Avon
4. BP
5. Coke
6. Coors
7. Dell
8. Ford
9. Honda
10. HP
11. Johnson & Johnson
12. Kellogg’s
13. Kohl’s
14. Marriott
15. McDonalds
16. Microsoft
17. Nike
18. Pepsi
19. Samsung
20. Seventh Generation
21. Staples
22. Starbucks
23. Tom’s of Maine
24. UPS
25. Wells Fargo


Forty years ago it must have seemed a quixotic idea to set aside a
single day to focus on the fragility of our planet. But in the 21st
century, after years of raising awareness about environmental issues,
many Americans try to celebrate Earth Day every day of the year and seek
out brands to help them.

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3 Responses to 25 Greenest Names in Corporate America

  1. emily says:

    Kind of an embarrassment to have BP on there now, huh?

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