Ideas Inspiring Innovation | Logo inspired by Pokemon’s Pokéball?

Open your eyes, look around you. Nature has it all, in plenty abundance! Shapes, color, texture, smell, and a myriad of other qualities that can readily inspire us.

From cars, planes, home appliances, electronic gadgets, even zippers and velcro… An extensive list of ideas that were inspired by nature. Why, even the wheel was inspired by a rolling pebble downhill, circa cave man era!

Here’s a look at Logos and Corporate Identity that may have been inspired by Pokemon.

Norway’s Royal Postal Service, Posten. Notice how even the color scheme may have been inspired by Pokemon, specifically Pokéball (yes, I deliberately turned it upside down to show the similar color choice). Posten is part of Norway’sBring Logistics Group, a Holding Company, that follows the same design, but with light green and gray instead of Posten’s gray and red.


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