Logo & Corporate Identity | Blue & white makes everything nice.. twice.. thrice.. Separated at birth? [8]

Jet Blue pioneered “cool” airlines in the US, and introduced different tail designs, based on its corporate blue on white logo. It seems other airlines across the globe have taken a liking to this design approach, and have come up with strikingly similar designs.

In the world of travel, nothing conjures more emotional and symbolic meaning than air travel. And no one represents that better than airlines. Essentially, travel should be all about gaining a positive experience, discovering a new place, seeking an adventure, experiencing a foreign culture, rekindling ties with family and friends who live far away, cementing a business relationship. However, we all know that in a post 9/11 world this is increasingly harder to come by. Airport security is getting tighter by the day, with more restrictions imposed on passengers. And many – especially in the US – aren’t convinced that the future holds a promise of increased comfort. The contrary is more likely.

Airlines are at vanguard of air travel experience, and are the quickest to blame should any inconvenience occur, although other non-airline factors may have been the culprit.

Airline livery and logo design is among the most visible in our world of today, that’s marked by crowded skies and a constant flow of passengers. Albeit not without its ebb and flow, air travel is here to stay, and more people than ever are discovering the joys (and pains) of air travel. So how do airlines differentiate themselves from the competition and stand out? Unique livery design is a crucial differentiating point. It’s a good start, but it must all encompass a compelling brand experience.


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