Cars and Human Faces ~ the scientifically-proven emotional link [5]

Since we’re talking about the subject of cars and the resemblance to the human face, I thought I’d re-post my January 15 blog entry.

Open your eyes, look around you. Nature has it all, in plenty abundance! Shapes, color, texture, smell, and a myriad of other qualities that can readily inspire us.

From cars, planes, home appliances, electronic gadgets, even zippers and velcro… An extensive list of ideas that were inspired by nature. Why, even the wheel was inspired by a rolling pebble downhill, circa cave man era!

Here’s a look at the Automotive Industry. The Peapod personal electric urban vehicle from Chrysler takes human-friendliness literally. It’s a car that smiles back at you! Every time and all the time!

Inspiration: Tonic


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