Cars and Human Faces ~ they’re more like us than we think [3]

A continuation of the Austrian study of cars and human facesin my previous post, the following are excerpts and pictures of the findings and the respective cars that were tested on both male and female respondents. As published in The CarGurus Blog.

1. The Angry Face:

The findings concluded that “angry” faces, like on a BMW, topped the list of attractive traits.

2. The Startled Face:

The Mini Cooper always looks surprised to be where it is. Especially when it ends up at Costco and the driver needs to load in a weeks’ worth of groceries.

3. The Sad Face:

Some cars try to look luxurious, but end up looking like the sad kitten from Shrek. Owners of this droopy-lidded Jag are sad they didn’t wait for the newly introduced XF.

4. The Aggressive Face:

Designers were going for a look that demands authority of the road. What they got were owners who demand authority of themselves, and need a car to suit the image.

5. The Happy Face:

When a car smiles at you, you just have to smile back. Even when the driver is applying lipstick, talking on her cell phone and sipping a non-fat caramel macchiato.

6. The Confused Face.

“Are we designing a tug boat or a car? Oh an SUV? OK, well this should still work.” Luckily the owners get to sit behind this car’s face, and drive in a state of blissful unawareness as the rest of us just shake our heads.

Inspiration: The CarGurus Blog


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