Logo & Corporate Identity | Brush-stroke and constellation sphere doppelgängers. Separated at birth?


Who’s inspiring whom? The internet has brought the world to our fingertips like never before.

Images that we’ve never had access to, or could only see on TV or read in the news irregularly and without our control, are now in cyberspace. All awaiting our discovery… that is if you know where to look.

Having the world so much closer, and on our screens, also means that we can see how more similar we all are. How we see our own immediate environments and how that inspires us. Including how businesses and organizations communicate their message through their identity.

That probably explains the striking resemblance between the logo and corporate identity design of the above diverse companies, from different countries and industries.

Lucent Technologies; an American multinational telecommunications equipment company headquartered in Murray Hill, New Jersey. Lucent was merged with Alcatel SA of France in a merger of equals on December 1, 2006, forming Alcatel-LucentEmily Carr Unversity of Art + Design; Orion Energy Australia; Xbox; Imbibe Lounge in Portland; Mind Body software; HSBC Climate Partnershi; Ageas (formerly Fortis Group) Insurance Group BENELUX ; Opera Australia; SF-based Orrick Law Firm; Revolution Sports Marketing, UK; Indonesian private academy Sinar Mas World Academy; Spanish-based Masters of Design & Innovation Program Merge Optics; PTK (Pharma Tech Korea)ISIS Water Regeneration UK; Circle Anglia, UK’s affordable housing; Design Exchange, Canada; Yupo Synthetic PaperInCircle Concierge Neiman MarcusChorus Co. a subsidiary of New Zealand Telecom; UK-based Dyfed Cleaning Services; Friends of the Earth; UK Designer Furniture, EncompassSoyez Le Bienvenu PR & MarComm Services in Hong Kong; the symbol of Zen’s empty circle, UK-based Organi Consulting; French brand of health foods, Marque Verte; San Diego-based Hispanic PR Agency DIÁLOGO; Keppel Nights Arts Event in Singapore; Institute for Outdoor Learning, UK; Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Brandenburg State, Germany; Macquarie Financial Group, Australia; Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong; Kabel 1 (Kabel Eins) Cable TV Co., Austria; Oprah’s HARPO Studios; US-based Research Co. Synovate; Fairwin Worldwide; Golden Circle Frequent Guest Programme from Shangri La Hotels & Resorts; Red Giant SoftwareThrough the Eyes of Children of Rwanda ProjectClay’s Restaurant of La Jolla in San Diego; The Campaign to End Fistula; American Society of Plastic Surgeons; NYC-based Omni Wellness, and Global Brand Forum Singapore; Art Sound Lab, audio specialty store in Jakarta; Sony Music Entertainment; Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong; Showbizz Productions; Earth Day, CanadaEnsō (円相) is a Japanese word meaning “circle” and a concept strongly associated with ZenEarth Day, Ottawa; World Diabetes Day; Setiabudi One Entertainment Center, Jakarta; MargahayuLand Property Developer, Indonesia; Originals Specialty Furniture Store, Singapore; The Spa at Willow Bend, designed by Dr. Sam Lam; COSI (Center of Science and Industry), Columbus, Ohio; Morningstar (logo designed by Paul Rand); The Original Basket Boutique of Richmond, Virginia; Circle of Reason; Birmingham International Airport, UK; Radio Enso webradio, USA; Mindbody Software, USA; The Lean Start Up, a business book by Eric Ries which has spawned into The Lean Start Up Conference; Search Inside Yourself, a short Executive Course  from Toronto-based Rotman Executive Programs (part of University of Toronto Business School) in partnership with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), Canada; INCIRCLE Customer Loyalty Membership Program from Nieman Marcus, Upscale Department Store, USA.


After all, a Logo is the primary visual identity that the outside world sees. And the internet has enabled us to see the similarities in corporate identity from distant shores, representing organizations that are vastly different and yet have somehow been inspired by the same idea. All brought together by a similar vocabulary of design language!

And although two logos may be close to identical, the message they emit is not the same. For its the meaning that customers attach to them according to their culture that gives them the value.

In other words, a logo is a sign or symbol that carries a meaning. And like my old professor used to say:

“People can only value things that have a meaning. And because everything has a meaning, therefore, it has a value!”

“People value more what things mean than what things are!”


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3 Responses to Logo & Corporate Identity | Brush-stroke and constellation sphere doppelgängers. Separated at birth?

  1. I heard something about this yesterday on a local news program.

    • dianhasan says:

      Hi Rhett, thx for finding us. I’m glad you find the content useful. Let’s stay connected. Best regards, dian

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