People Power Propels One Water Into Tesco

I stumbled upon how the power of Social Media has helped spread the word for the good cause of providing water to communities in Africa. Tesco, UK’s large big box retailer challenged One Difference Foundation (all profits go to build PlayPumps in Africa) to gain a Facebook following of over 200,000, and in return would start stocking their bottled water.  PlayPump is an ingenious water pump built around a children’s merry go round that pumps water while children play. Brilliant idea!! And an even more noble idea of how funds are raised!

Sometimes, it’s the simplest of ideas that can change the world most profoundly. And sometime, it’s the most challenging problems that an have the simplest solutions.

  • Accessibility to clean water is still a profound challenge afflicting the entire world, but affecting most severely those living in developing countries, especially in rural Africa.
  • Water is the source of life, and water deprivation of any level causes myriad of ailments, backwardness, and injustice. Children waste countless hours transporting water daily, deprived of education.
  • Children are our future generations, and access to clean water  should be their basic human right.

Because access to clean water should be child’s play! Based on this simple and playful premise an idea was born.

And a brilliant was born: PLAY PUMP, a water pump that doubles as a children’s merry-go-round.

The One Difference Foundation have cause to celebrate today, having achieved the retail equivalent of scaling Everest and winning the World Cup, as they will now be stocked in branches of  Tesco.

9 months ago Tesco told One Difference that they would consider stocking their bottled water product, One Water (the brand that gives away 100% of its profits to build PlayPumps in Africa), if they could achieve a following on Facebook of more than 200,000 people.  One took this challenge on and, with the support of Mindshare (who are very proud to have been involved) now have over 230,000 fans on their Facebook pageand will therefore soon be found on Tesco’s shelves.

Now One Water are calling on the public to help them turn this initial success into a true victory, one which will help bring clean drinking water to Africa, by buying bottles of water in Tesco. Duncan Goose, the award winning founder of One Water said:

If you want to buy a bottle of water this summer, please do buy One Water…With Tesco’s, we have an amazing opportunity to make a real difference to communities in Africa that have no access to clean water.

Despite the fact that many of us have been watching the World Cup from Africa for the last month, it’s still pretty hard to imagine what that it must be like not to be able to simply turn a tap to get clean water:

  • Children can’t go to school because they have to walk for up to 5 hours a day just to go and collect water
  • Families find it hard to grow crops for themselves because there is no water
  • Without clean water, everyone is under threat of infection.
  • Up to 5,000 children die of diarrhoea each day due to contaminated water

But we can all do something to help change this, and by doing nothing more than buying a different brand of bottled water. Says Goose:

Our aim is to be able to install a PlayPump each and every day. We currently install one every three days and with everyone’s help, we can make an even bigger difference. All your readers have to do is go to Tesco’s and buy One Water.

Inspiration: MindShare


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