Culture & Brand-Building | What’s in a name? Everything! A lesson from Coca Cola

It is crucially important for companies with global ambitions to conduct in-depth and more-than-adequete research before introducing a brand into the international marketplace.

It is absolutely essential that any brand-builder, marketer and advertiser do his homework and understand the inner workings of a culture, so that the following faux pas can be avoided:


Brand Coke has faced challenges in various markets. One of them was France, where a few years ago their jingle “Have a Coke and a Smile” was translated into French. Although the translation was technically correct, words aren’t always heard clearly when they’re sung, and the song sounded like “Have a Coke and a Mouse.”

How easily even “experts” can sometimes fall victim when their in-house marketing department is not fully aware of the local culture. Consulting external (yes, those who are outside of the comfort zone of your internal staff for “out-of-the-box” thinking) professional consultants, especially brand strategy specialists with solid intercultural understanding. Because, the simplified approach of literal translation of your slogan could make or break your brand. And we all know how costly and time-consuming it is to fix a poor brand reputation!

Inspiration: Kit Kreuger


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