Social Media 101 ~ how the Enabler interacts with the Enabled

How technology is applied and used practically remains a mystery… even to the most savvy tech producers (yes, these are all your software programmers, app developers, and electronic gadget makers the globe over…), UNTIL IT LANDS in the HANDS OF CONSUMERS!

You don’t buy that? Case in point: when SMS (Short Text Message) application was developed for cellular telecommunication, probably very few people envisioned that one day SMS could empower farmers in remote villages in Kenya to check market prices of their crop, which market to sell it to, and exactly at which time.

The same goes for Social Media, such as the world’s most popular: Facebook. Sure it’s used predominantly to stay in touch with friends and family, and to parade indecent pictures that will forever haunt your life and reduce your reputation to a pulp! But there are more noble, altruistic ways that Facebook is used, to connect donors and recipients.

An excellent example is Escama Studio, a joint collaboration of San Francisco and Brasilia-based fashion brand of hand bags and accessories fashioned out of recycled soda can aluminum pull tabs. Escama is run as a Social Enterprise, helping reduce waste and empower local communities in creating jobs and keeping artisans’ tradition alive. Pull tabs are purchased from scavengers who source them from city dumps, then cleaned and prepped for production. A team of women from two artisan cooperatives hand crotchet the pull tabs into beautiful works of art, that have been seen on fashion catwalks from New York Fashion Week to Rio de Janeiro.

So how does the Social Media get in the picture? Here’s the fascinating part: every Escama item comes with a “Who Made this?” label, that is signed by the artisan who makes it. And each lady’s picture and brief bio is posted on Escama’s website, and consumers can email a “Thank You Note” to the right lady via Escama’s Facebook site.

Perfect model for personalized giving! And although not every customer will want to communicate directly, the fact that it’s an available option makes Escama brand very personal. Brilliant Personalized Brand Experience!!

escama studioescama studioescama studio
Each Escama bag comes with a personalized label with the artist’s name. Customers can see their personal story and connect via email and facebook. Photo: flickr member Jen Consalvo

The bag above was crafted by Eveny Ribeiro dos Santos, a divorced mother of four who was unemployed before her sister invited her to work for Escama. This information was extracted from Escama’s website.

Inspiration: Jen Consalvo


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