Traffic Jams ~ a fascinating look at problem-solving around the world. Cairo, Egypt

The internet has enabled us to see and hear virtually “anything, anywhere” from the far corners of the world. There’s bound to be someone out there who’d post pictures, audio, and video on any imaginable topic.

I’ve chosen to look at traffic jams from cities around the world. It’s a sight that’s an inseparable part of urban life, and for all the disdain and chaos, a traffic jam is making appearance in a city near you! A definite “Coming Attractions”. That is if it isn’t already there! The choice is not yours or any Government’s to make, and is inevitable.

Ok, pun and sarcasm aside, traffic also presents a fascinating look at human behavior & psychology, sociology, anthropology order, and management. Or in one word: Problem-Solving! Because as bad as some cities may have it, traffic is only going to get worse. We’ve all seen what happened in Beijing last August when an epic traffic jam on the Beijing-Tibet expressway stretched over 100 kilometers (60 miles) a highway leading into the Chinese capital.

So here’s a look at different cities and their gridlock, and how they deal with it. It’s a fascinating look nevertheless. Here’s Cairo, in Egypt. One of the most crowded cities on the African continent, her gridlock is famous.


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