Ideas Inspiring Innovation | The Power of Play, Imagination and Fun [3]

A few recently-published books explore the compelling power of play, fantasy, imagination and fun, not only from a child development standpoint, but extending into adulthood and the business world. Creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking is a big part of it, and this is one subject that is explored in the books leading to how businesses can innovate and stay ahead of their game.

And when this involves product designers and artists (and of course all other creative minds), magic happens! Good design is a direct result of this collaboration, and strong brands know that creating aesthetic products that resonate with consumers is a must. Apple, Dyson, IKEA and Samsung are just a few brands that are driven by this thinking. They have a thorough understanding of how people relate to products through a multi-sensory experience.

So leave it to the designers for bringing-to-market exciting products, that not only celebrate play, imagination and humor, but actually work. This is winning formula in Brand Building.

And here are some more examples on how good and sometimes quirky design can turn a mundane daily object into something… playful!

creative lifestyle productscreative lifestyle products
The Mealbox: Japanese-style table + dining chairs set inspired by origami and puzzle pieces. Designed by Norway-based Igland Design Studio, combining Scandinavian carpentry with high-tech materials to create products that are visually strong, yet simple in appearance. A combination of birch plywood, carbonfiber, neoprene rubber seat-padding and a practical design that can fit into any cramped space, and easily removed when not in use. Table doubles as coffee-table.

capsule furnitureobelisk chairs
The Obelisk Stackable Chairsavailable through Janus et Cie, from German furniture brand, Dedon, are as unique and attractive as they are functional. This 5-piece set includes 4-cushioned chairs and a table that can be stacked to form an 8 foot tower.

sideboard storage furniture
TOFU Stackable Sideboard from Swiss designer Andreas Saxer: A series of stackable shelves that is said to be inspired by a pile of Asian tofu boxes. The various sized shelves in a gray finish can be easily assembled and stacked. The TOFU sideboard is a versatile storage system that can be used for many applications from a dining room sideboard to extra storage in a bedroom.

shelving storage unit tofu andreas saxerstackable furniture storage shelving

Inspiration: Freshome, Kick Style & Furniture Store Blog


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