Brand-Building | The Lure of iPad and the wonderful world of Apps…

Proud Steve Jobs shows off his latest baby at the highly anticipated Apple Conference, during iPad's launch in April 2010. Photo: Inc.

Millions have been sold in record time. Anything branded with an Apple marquee turns to instant gold. iPad is just another extension of Apple’s brand success story that keeps customers and the media guessing the next sexy gadget that comes our of this Cupertino, California-based tech behemoth.

To explain the reason why iPad became so popular so fast, consider some of these facts (taken from Inc. magazine)

  • Price (under $500)
  • Power (better than netbooks)
  • Portability (1.5 pounds, 10 hour battery)
  • Usability (home and business use, which fits today’s telecommuting trend)
  • Functionality (150,000 apps and counting)

And some other reasons, according to Hexanine, that sums it up beautifully… including the power of the Apple brand, and its “cool” factor that makes people bend over backwards to be seen with one…

Reason #1: iCool Is Contagious
Anything related to Apple becomes more desirable by association. Apple has evolved from a computing platform into a purveyor of coolness. It has been so successful in coupling content curation (iTunes songs, movies, AppleTV) and hardware (iPhone, iPod, iPad) that Apple’s brand cache is soaring. Thus, any content sold and distributed by the “Big Apple” automatically becomes more valuable and desired.

Reason #2: We Want Safety More Than Openness
For all the talk about Web Standards, the Open Source movement, and the rise of DIY culture, it seems like many users still prefer consistency over freedom. Could it be that people are more interested in having a consistent, predictable presentation – something the multiplatform, cross-browser world couldn’t offer? If users are willing to give up an ample measure of freedom, Apple seems to be a decent argument that a tightly controlled, closed platform helps ensure better user experiences.

Reason #3: Buying Is The American Way
Another significant factor involved is the purchasing emotions involved. Buying an app seems to feel more concrete and permanent than subscribing to website content. Websites evolve, change, and even disappear, but an app stays on your tablet. And buying an app is a much simpler, more straightforward process, with a single seller, a single account to keep track of. Apple has made the purchase experience so easy, consistent and trustworthy (through years of iTunes and iPhone experience) that users now trust it implicitly. Apple customers are rewarding that trust by tapping the “Buy” button often.

Reason #4: On The Road Again
Portability (different than what you’d get with netbooks or smaller laptops) is such a huge deal that people are wiling to pay for the convenience of doing things while lounging on the couch. It’s the ideal piece of hardware for reading on a plane, in the backseat of your car, or sitting in bed. Steve Jobs won’t ever come out and mention it, but being able to surf the web discreetly in the bathroom is a significant feature.

Reason #5: Pay A Little Bit Forward
Micropayments might have been a little bit ahead of their time, because people are more open to paying small amounts for apps and subsequent publications. With a “recession-be-damned” attitude, app sales are gigantic. Apparently this category of impulse purchases feel better than committing to ongoing website content subscriptions.

Reason #6: New Is Good
Repackaging the same content was all that the content industries needed. Put a beautiful, new aluminum-and-OS wrapper around your same stories, photos, and images–and voila! New look, and same great taste, while reaching a previously-distant audience.

Reason #7: Content Wants To Be Paid
Content doesn’t actually want to be free. Instead, people are realizing that great stories/photos/content are worth paying for, worth subsidizing and supporting. For some reason, Apple has helped us see the innate value in the terabytes of professional content available out there, and has convinced people that high-quality paid content beats crowdsourcing any day. We can only hope.

Inspiration: Hexanine, Inc.


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