Logo & Corporate Identity | Red box doppelgängers. [3]

It’s no secret that the color red ranks high on visibility. Little wonder why so many brand logos incorporate this color into their logo design. What I found surprising was the broad range and diversity of the organizations, representing virtually all economic sectors, across the entire world.

Wells Fargo Bank, California; Honolulu-based Saku Zaku software engineering co.; Square One Gas & Cyro Equipment; The Coca Cola Company; McDonald’s; Red Squared, PLC.; OK GO T shirts; Red Bee Media, Australia; Temple University, Philadelphia; Vodafone Americas Foundation; Burton Snowboards & Apparel; City of Prague’s official logo & website, Czech Republic; London School of Economics; Australia-based Dr. Red Neutraceuticals; Red Cube pocket-sized printer for high-end marketing, Switzerland; India-based Red Cube Marketing Solution Co.

Who’s inspiring whom? The internet has brought the world to our fingertips like never before.

Images that we’ve never had access to, or could only see on TV or read in the news irregularly and without our control, are now in cyberspace. All awaiting our discovery… that is if you know where to look.

Having the world so much closer, and on our screens, also means that we can see how more similar we all are. How we see our own immediate environments and how that inspires us. Including how businesses and organizations communicate their message through their identity.

After all, a Logo is the primary visual identity that the outside world sees. And the internet has enabled us to see the similarities in corporate identity from distant shores, representing organizations that are vastly different and yet have somehow been inspired by the same idea. All brought together by a similar vocabulary of design language!

And although two logos may be close to identical, the message they emit is not the same. For its the meaning that customers attach to them according to their culture that gives them the value.

In other words, a logo is a sign or symbol that carries a meaning. And like my old professor used to say:

“People can only value things that have a meaning. And because everything has a meaning, therefore, it has a value!”

“People value more what things mean than what things are!”

Inspiration: DT&G Design, Mark Grinberg’s Blog

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