Brand Building | The pink and blue lives of girls and boys

A little word of warning: don’t attempt to view these pictures if you’re: 1. Color Blind, 2. Can’t tell the difference between pink and blue, or 3. Don’t give a diddle to what color preference your child admits to.

South Korean artist Jeong Mee Yoon explored the role of color (pink, to be exact) in the lives of young children of today. She was inspired by her own daughter’s obsession of everything pink, and embarked on a photographic journey entitled “The Pink and Blue Project” to chronicle the lives of young children across the globe in their technicolor (well, it’s really just the two main colors of pink and blue) world. And in the process she also uncovered our consumptive behavior, that sadly… is nurtured from a very early age (and yes, we… the parents are to blame!)

It demonstrates how at a very early age, we identify ourselves with color, according to gender. Traditionally this has been pink, associated with femininity, and blue, masculinity. We all know it doesn’t always work that way, and culture plays a crucial role in what color is considered “ON CODE” and “OFF CODE“. See me previous posts on the role of color. Just to give you an quick idea: “White” is the color for WEDDINGS in Western Cultures, whereas in China, it’s used for FUNERALS!  As you can see, the difference in culture-appropriate colors can literally mean the difference between life and death!!

Enjoy the pictures, and delve into your own journey of color, and double check your child’s room to see how they (and you, as you purchased all their “STUFF“) stack up against these little munchkins in their respective rooms around the world! [all images from the Pink and Blue Project, 2005 – 2007, © Jeong-Mee Yoon]

cute girl pink roombaby boy blue roompink barbie girls roomblue little boy roompink cute girls roomblue rock star roompink pixie girls roomblue superman roompink princess roomBlue themed boy's roompink shy princess roomblue toddlers roomcandy pink-girl's roomblue boy roomJeongMee Yoon

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