Logo & Corporate Identity | Back to basics

I often get asked, what makes a good logo and corporate identity. I would always try to keep it brief by sharing a few bullet points that are something like the following:

1. Impactful > the key here is simplicity. Without going about it in details, think about the strongest brands out there, chances are their logo is actually very simple (think: Apple, IBM, Sony, IKEA, GM, Rolex, BMW, Kellog, Samsung, among others)

2. Communicable > simply ask yourself the following question: will my logo communicate the same message to a Canadian, a Chilango (that’s a Mexico City resident), a Czech, a Cameroonian, and a Cambodian?  This is of course in line with the reality of our interconnected global world.

3. Memorable > will people still remember it tomorrow?

4. Aesthetic > your logo should catch the viewer’s eye and hold the viewer’s attention. Good design plays a crucial role.

5. Versatile > your logo WILL be used everywhere, on a wide range of mediums –  from buildings, letterhead, uniform, signage, billboards, press releases, TVCs (television commercials, POS (point of sales material), etc. And most importantly, how does your logo look ONLINE, in a website (many people will argue that in today’s digital world, this should be the top question to ask!)

6. Black & white > your logo MUST pass the “black & white test”. If it doesn’t look as compelling, it’s not good enough.

7. Evoke positivity > an effective logo should evoke positive feeling about your product or service.

8. Clear identity & representation > this may be an oxymoron: does your logo clearly communicate what your product and service?

9. K.I.S.S. > last point: in the end, you’d want to KEEP IT SIMPLY, STUPID! Don’t over think your logo.

10. Timless > your logo should be just as effective, compelling and communicable 10, 20, 30 years from now.

Now let me leave you with some samples of good logos that are text-based (read: they simply say what they are, without any fancy logo designs and or symbols). PS: many of these actually have accompanying graphic logos, but the main point is their communicability. I’m sure you’ll agree that most of these logos communicate effectively, and are actually quite simple.

Inspiration: RNG Space, Logo Design Team


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