Brand Building | The vagaries of the client brief

I love Tom Fishburne‘s cartoons because they are always spot on in portraying the wonderful world of brand-building, mostly from the viewpoint of all of us brand-builders (yes, those who toil at the behest of clients to help them build better, stronger, and faster brands… as in faster in gaining market share or delivering a profit or return for the shareholders), but often also from the brand-owners’ perspective, albeit presented in a cynical fashion. All in the name of poking fun at the multifaceted and complex universe of brand-building.

Here’s one on the infamous “client brief”. The fundamental document that communicates what the client needs when talking to brand-builders, so they know exactly what to create and get the job done.  The problem is, however, that quite often the client brief is merely an extension (in writing) of the client’s own confusion on what they want to do. Let’s not even start talking about direction, guidance, or moreover, ego.. as it often is just as vague… “We want to create a campaign that solidifies how cool our brands are, and promotes our corporate culture that is so uniquely cool so we can attract the right talent…”

Trouble is… the client THINKS they are one thing, but they ACT like another! And the client’s brief exacerbates the miscommunication even further.

Here’s Tom’s take on it:

Inspiration: Tom Fishburne Blog


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