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In the world of branding, the fastest and easiest route to changing a look is through a Logo & Corporate Identity Makeover. It’s the expedited method of projecting a new image, and an ongoing journey of constant changes, regardless how subtle.

Here’s a look at Jakarta-based Angkasa Pura II, Airport Authority that provides Airport Mangagement and Operation Services in several key Indonesian cities, including their flagship Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

The brand identity was crafted by San Francisco-based Landor, who were commissioned design a brand identity that communicates the world’s fastest growing travel destination. After all Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago nation, with over 17,000 islands and a plethora of cultures, Indonesia offers endless natural and cultural attractions.

The explosion in Indonesian travel, especially at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK), gave Angkasa Pura II the opportunity to revitalize its airports and its brand. As the company drafted an ambitious plan to turn CGK into a world-class airport handling 62 million travelers a year, it turned to Landor to create a world-class brand to match.

Landor recommended that Angkasa Pura II’s strategy focus on inspiring its workforce to embrace the brand promise One vision, one spirit, and one goal. By encouraging staff to be enthusiastic brand ambassadors, the company could better communicate to travelers its commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

We designed a new identity to show how the diversity of Angkasa Pura II’s staff drives its success. The logo is based on a globe, symbolizing the brand’s readiness to compete on the world stage. Its internal shapes cleverly form “AP,” illustrating how the company’s individual employees unite as a whole.


A Logo & Corporate Identity Makeover is, however, by no means what branding is all about, and the potential it can deliver. Customers are already experiencing your company’s products & services in their very own distinctive way. The MEANING of a product & service in any customer’s mind is what SHOULD matter to any organization. It is this MEANING that needs to be thoroughly analyzed, managed, and optimized in the company’s best interest. This the foundation of strong branding and brand positioning strategy.

An Identity Makeover is not without risk. The key is in the hands of Customers, who decide “WHAT’S HOT” and “WHAT’S NOT!” Therefore, if a company changes its logo WITHOUT changing the meaning – ie. properly align and match their brand message with the positive brand experience the company WISHES customers to have – the often sizeable investment in aesthetic touch up is reduced to a futile and expensive exercise. An utter waste!

Companies MUST ensure that the brand experiences they provide remains positive, therefore if your products and/or services still show weaknesses; customer satisfaction is dismal, market share is lagging, your customer service department is drowning in complaint calls, stakeholders are edgy due to weak stock performance, staff morale is in the abyss while staff turnover is high…  a logo makeover WILL NOT bring about improvements like a magic wand!

Inspiration: Landor


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