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Logo + Corporate Identity | United arrow doppelgängers [1]

A Thai shopping mall group, a Boston bank, and an organization from Colombia. A diverse group. What could they possibly have in common? A glance at their logos, and you may think otherwise. All conceived on the same inspiration? Who … Continue reading

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Logo + Corporate Identity | Dot doppelgängers [2]

San Diego Blood Bank, CA, USA; Coronado Ventures Forum (CVF), a firmfounded in 1994 in response to the need in New Mexico to educate investors and entrepreneurs on the process of early-stage, private equity funding, and to provide a gathering point for … Continue reading

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Logo + Corporate Identity | Square coterie doppelgängers [7]

LarrainVial, a major financial advisory firm in Latin America, Santiago, Chile (with offices in Peru and Colombia); The Square Boutique Hotel & Spa, Durban, South Africa. Notice the similar design language of a collection of squares? What happens when two very different organizations decide … Continue reading

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Logo + Corporate Identity | Hexagon language

Hive Communication Collective, Los Angeles, CA, USA; San Francisco-based GREE, a mobile social gaming network worldwide with a reach of over 140 million users, aims to bring mobile social gaming to the next level; Hive Home Security Systems, Sydney, Australia; The … Continue reading

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Logo + Corporate Identity | Free-form doppelgängers

Ubigeo Inmobiliaria Realtor Services, Colombia; London-based Metia Digital Agency, with offices in NYC, Seattle, Austin, and Singapore; National Kidney Foundation, USA. It’s interesting to see free-form shapes used as brand identities across vastly different industries and countries. I’m also including Metia … Continue reading

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When logos grow up and get married | Banco Caja Social, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia-based BCSC is the result of a merger of  Banco Caja Social and Banco Colmena (colmena is Spanish for “hive”), and has been operating as two separate brands until August 2011 when they united under one brand identity, Banco Caja Social, … Continue reading

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Logo + Corporate Identity | Lucky trio doppelgängers

IDA Ireland, Investment Promotion Board, State-owned Government Body to Promote Investment in Ireland; Century Pacific Group, a diversified Business Group in The Philippines, with interests ranging from Tuna Fish and Canning to Commercial Real Estate. I find these two logos interesting as … Continue reading

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