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“The Growth Discovery Process” — useful wisdom from Robert Bloom’s The Inside Advantage

“The Growth Discovery Process” — useful wisdom from Robert Bloom’s The Inside Advantage.

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Logo + Corporate Identity | Bare minimum doppelgängers [1]

Privacy Analytics, USA; Square Real Estate Company (Immobiliere Square), France; Credit Europe Bank, The Netherlands. Sometimes the best way to get noticed is to stick with the bare minimum, basic shapes that everyone is familiar with, be that square, rectangle, … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day | On the compelling role of design [4]

Leonardo da Vinci [April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519] as paraphrasing a principle derived from scholastic philosophy that identified the beautiful as the absence of the superfluous. It was his way of saying that perfection of form would be … Continue reading

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Futurology | The future of work [4]

  In the advent of the fast-paced change that technology brings, where it seems that the newest social media tool is already yesterday’s news, all bringing about a multi-faced change on so many levels. Impacting our daily lives, how we … Continue reading

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We all know Sex and Humor sells brands…

Today, any brand pushes the envelope, whether it’s Madonna (yes, she’s a brand too)… hang on, she’s way too old and passé, make it Lady Gaga (and her recent faux pas “raw meat dress” at Video Music Awards 2010), Abercrombie … Continue reading

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Street-Level Innovation | Favela Art Installation [2]

Favella Painting is the brainchild of Dutch artist due Hass&Hahn, who, in 2006, developed the idea of creating ‘community-driven art interventions in Brazil’.

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Cars and Human Faces ~ the scientifically-proven emotional link [4]

Still on the subject of cars and human faces, from my previous posts, here’s an in-depth look how the link is scientifically proven, through a study by University of Vienna’s Department of Anthropology. The study entitled: “New study investigates whether … Continue reading

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