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A glimpse into daily life in America in 2050…

If, like me, you’ve always been curious about life in the future, the role of technology and how 7 billion people will live in harmony (yes, by year end 2011, there’ll be 7 billion of us!), here’s a interesting peek … Continue reading

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Making sense of Social Media

The other day, my buddy showed me a list of icons representing all the social media sites that existed to that day (this was two days ago, and as we know the internet doesn’t operate in a vacuum and stay … Continue reading

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Grassroots Innovation | Water and Power Solutions, simplified

“In the developing countries, women and children walk an average four miles a day to collect water” ~ The United Nations Water and power are the two basic human needs that many of us – who have it (I shun … Continue reading

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Street-Level Innovation | Leave it to the Japanese for the perfect camouflage…

At first you probably won’t notice anything strange with this picture, but look closely at the last Coke vending machine on the right, and you’ll see a pair of shoes sticking out… read below to find out more When it … Continue reading

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Using metallic balloons as solar power collectors.

SOLAR cells are expensive, so it makes sense to use them efficiently. One way of doing so is to concentrate sunlight onto them. That means a smaller area of cell can be used to convert a given amount of light … Continue reading

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Let your imagination flow… using fantasy in TVCs

We often hear that a product is only called a Brand once it connects emotionally with customers. That’s when the “magic line” is crossed and customers begin to attach emotional and symbolic value to the Brand. Ways of doing this … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Innovation | Cough into your phone and get diagnostics. There’s an app for that too!

The tagline “there’s an app for that!” has become a common catchphrase thanks to Apple’s iPhone that has been pushing the boundaries of what customers can do with their mobile phones through a myriad of apps (applications) that are easy … Continue reading

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