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Logo + Corporate Identity | Flowers galore [6]

Floral Expressions Florist, Kearney, Nebraska; Istancool, a Festival of Art, Literature, Architecture, Music, Design & Business Talks, Istanbul, Turkey; TPF (Turkish Philanthropy Funds), New York City, NY, USA; Bind Banco Industrial, Buenos Aires, Argentina; MND (Motor Neurone Disease) Australia; MND … Continue reading

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Logo + Corporate Identity | Playful dots doppelgängers [1]

Red Circle Communications, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK; Unique Production Company, a subsidiary of UBC Media Group, London, UK; Logo Concept Design for “Stream“, by Tent Brand Design, Tyne & Wear, UK. The art of capturing an entire company’s ideas, ethos, knowledge and the future in … Continue reading

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Logo & Corporate Identity | Flowers galore. Inspired by Nature [3]

   Prima Banka, Private Commercial Bank, Bratislava, Slovakia; Aloha Airlines, a Hawaii, USA-based defunct airline; Citizens Bank & Trust, Chillicothe, MO, USA; QNB Capital, a Qatar National Bank Subsidiary Co., Qatar, UAE; Millward Brown, a global company focused on brands, … Continue reading

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Logo & Corporate Identity | Triangle compositions. Separated at birth?

Vastly different organizations brought together via similar language of color and shape, communicated through their corporate logo. Sheer coincidence? Or copycats? Hey, in the era of internet, anything is possible! A vast ever changing, ever amassing encyclopedia of visual identity is … Continue reading

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Logo & Corporate Identity | Origami-inspired geometry. Separated at birth? [2]

Edelman, Global PR Company, NYC, US; Modus Utility Services, London, UK; CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos), Sao Paulo Commuter Rail, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Sohonet Media Network, London, UK; Butik Musik, a Jakarta-based music news blog and online community, Indonesia; BWP Trust, Real Estate Group … Continue reading

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Logo & Corporate Identity | Origami-inspired geometry. Separated at birth? [1]

Who’s inspiring whom? The internet has brought the world to our fingertips like never before. To see part 2 of Origami-inspired logos, click here. Images that we’ve never had access to, or could only see on TV or read in … Continue reading

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Logo & Corporate Identity | Blue & white makes everything nice.. twice.. thrice.. Separated at birth? [8]

Jet Blue pioneered “cool” airlines in the US, and introduced different tail designs, based on its corporate blue on white logo. It seems other airlines across the globe have taken a liking to this design approach, and have come up … Continue reading

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